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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 25, 2009 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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it's where the government comes together. the space shuttle because of bad weather. thunderstorms popped up around pounds of gear to the international space station including a treadmill. >> here's a look at your tuesday forecast: scattered thunderstorms in florida continue through the day in georgia and south carolina as well. showers and thunderstorm from michigan and new mexico could get severe at times with hail and gusty winds. it will be another scorcher in texas. >> dallas hits 99, new orleans 9, miami 91. 75 for fargo, 85 for omaha, 87 in detroit, 91 boise, 83 in salt lake city any creature related to the kimodo
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dragon. but nature lovers doesn't seem to mind. >> alligator sized lizards at a sprawling park in bangkok are drawing more visitors. that guy is sitting there, no problem. about 200 of them. >> looks like they're meditating there. ooh, hello. some visitors shoo away the visitors while others feed them and photograph them. i would be the other direction from them. >> i would, hings eats my dog or something. that is freaky. no way. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." ♪ see ya later, alligator, in a while crocodile ♪ assistance getting around their homes. there is a medicare benefit that may qualify you for a new power chair or scooter at little to no cost to you.
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>> we have a new forecast for swine flu here in the u.s. and it is a frightening one. the worst case scenario shows up
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to half of americansetting the h1n1 swine flu this fall and de children and young adults. >> it's important to remember that is a worst case scenario. but that leads to the question of how do people prepare for the flu? >> it's through humor and television. >> reporter: the brits hope sn germs everywhere. >> reporter: health agencies around the world are creating new ad campaigns to control the spread of swine flu. and this one from the u.k. is a winner, according to infectious disease specialist. >> i think there was a tongue
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and cheek -- it made the point you can bring down the flu. >> reporter: there's a certain monotony to the message wash your hands and cover your cough. so they're going for a more humorous direct approach. in the u.s. they've given it a new beat. ♪ cover your mouth, watch your hands before you eat your food ♪ >> reporter: and the virus spread around the world is ineffecting people with creativity. ♪ who you going to call, swine busters ♪ ♪ >> this is a new art form because it has become the story of the year. >> reporter: but there are dangers who making pandemic provocative. >> this is why you must wear a full body suit at all time.
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>> the danger of misinformation and disregard for the seriousness of the problem on the one hand. but sometimes a new face to an old message can actually achieve something. >> reporter: so if this fall swine flu makes a beg comeback in north america, expect to see some very different messages on how to protect your personal safety help keep the virus at bay. >> what did people do with all this creativity before youtube? >> it's interesting because the reality is they are saying the vaccine is the best way to prevent against swine flu but it's not expected for another six weeks. at the height of the season we need it, it not going to be available for a lot of people. >> we've stories there's
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this new dynamic for and tissues to help everybody get ready for this monster. >> it's one of of the biggest breeding grounds for all those kids, too. >> 17 years ago today, people in south florida cannot believe what hit them. >> you probably remember the to breathe. make sure you test your home for the presence of radon. it's easy. to learn more, call... preserve your family's health and well-being. get your home tested. now, that's living healthy and green. ♪ green, green, green
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♪ it's your home, it's your dream ♪ ♪ radon testing, keep it healthy and clean ♪ ♪ make it green, green, green ♪ to learn more, call... >> 17 years ago right now south florida was just beginning to deal with thewide spred destruction left behind by hurricane andrew. >> andrew cost more than >> 17 years ago rightcane andre. >> andrew cost more than $26 billion in darj. from the abc news vault coverage from august 24th, 1992. >> the wind and rain have picked up considerably in the past couple of hours. that's why a couple of owners decided they would wait out the
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storm on board their boat. >> don says he has no choice but to latch himself tos tracked by following broken branch eand tree limbs. >> it's almost five minutes before 4. the tree limbs are falling right and left and this is only really been in the past ten minutes. >> reporter: after hours of anticipation, andrew had arrived. i had to dodge debris, watch out for the blasts of winds and traffic lights. most of them were out, some of them were down. for anyone who was skeptical about whether a had your skaen
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would hit florida take a good look at this. >> what are you doing out o we'd ride it out. >> reporter: the advice for now, stay put. whether you're with a relative or friend, staying in a shelter or in your own home. first of all, authorities say there are just too many power outages to make traveling safe. >> eight known deaths caused directly by the storm. some of the people killed by flying debris, one electrocution, that sort of thing. in addition to that, there are six natural deaths that they do not know yet if it's storm related or not. >> reporter: people started to show up late sunday afternoon coming in in twos and three when is it became clear what kind of a storm andrew was really going to be. even though nn can come to the west palm beach auditorium, this shelter is really set aside for people with special medical needs.
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>> i they're a little surprised they're sitting in their home and they come outhins they've seen since they moved into the neighborhood are gone now. it just like every day it changes through construction. today is changed through destruction. >> reporter: so how bad it was in south florida when the hurricane swept over the region earlier today? we don't know yet. the digging out is still under way. but there are some things we do know. packing wends of over 160 miles an hour the hurricane smashed ashore pushing a tidal wave before it 12 feet high. trees were uprooted, houses and vehicles smashed. home stead air force base was d. and at least nine people in the united states were killed. climb. here are some stories about the hurricane's fury from people who lived through it. >> good evening, south florida. we have survived. it's been the toughest night of most of our lives >> you're leaning up against a wall in a closet and you can feel it shaking and you really
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feel like this is it. but we made it so that's good, you know. but it was really -- it was really scary. i wouldn't do it again. never, ever again. lock the door, don't even board it up and just walk out. >> i lived here 28 years. it's gone. >> the house started to shake real hard and you could hear the rain coming in. and i really didn't think much about it until, you know, it started to get daylight out and i could see through here lot of. i opened up realized how lucky we were. >> at least i thank god that we're fine, you know? >> the roof is just our whole ceiling has come in. the noise was unbelievable. i thought we were dead. i didn't think we'd ever survive this. >> it was horrible. the roof just flew right off. people were screaming.
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it was menino people in a little hall closet. >> my daughter said the ceiling is going to fall. it missed us by this much. so i'm glad to be alive. it was dreadful. >> i almost lost my life. >> reporter: they're using words look war zone, nuclear bomb and devastation to describe some of the scenes in the miami area. >> driving through i saw houses torn apart, just areas devastated, just torn apart. >> i think we're just trying to get over the shock. that's basically what we're doingwe're just getting over the shock and i think we're all supporting each other because we're all in the same boat. >> it's hard to look back and remember all that destruction when that story was first
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reported. you probably also remember the original projection said it was supposed to hit somewhere between miami and hitting with, which is why so many people never evacuated. they thought it would never hit them. >> morning papers up next. kruse: if you have a hard
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." where you're going to think the don't know what we want to do, we want to stay local. one of the guys involved in this pair was e-mailing to his girl friend a list of all these feks messages and he thinks they're really funny, i should turn them into a web site. so he did. now the web site has launched a book deal, t-shirts and retail
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sales. to give you an example, these are the clean ones. someone texted, oh, my god, i dirty but cop to use his computer to update your facebook is it >> somebody on facebook that. there's confusion if you update your status you think you're sending a message to somebody so it's something really personal. this lady talked about her wonderful evening in bed with this guy the night before and everybody saw it. >> i thought the status update was what you sent to everybody in the world.
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>> it was but she thought a mes particular person. >> that's a text that has made the round as time or two. >> what do you do with a drunken sailor? you throw him in jail for getting drunk and wrecking the boat, i guess. wait till you see the picture of this thing. you picture drunk driving accidents on the road. you don't think of them happening at sea. this is what happened in the w. and the captain was drunk. know that. it's fascinating someone was able to do that. >> our third story comes from a lovely miss cherry. you can actually wave. she acknowledges our show. he writes and pitched the story idea. the ikea in beijing has become more exciting for people to
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>> homicide investigation. disturbing new details about michael jackson's final hours. the drugs he was given and suspicion about his doctors. >> then celebrity given without the star's permission. >> the bottom line is that we expect truth in advertising. >> turning the pet supply business into a real party. it's tuesday, august 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> so would you do that for jake? >> i would. i need to come up with a brilliant marketing scheme geared toward animals. >> you're the own one that's thought of that. >> because these people make a lot of money. >> yes, they do. you'll hear more about the pupperware parties coming up. good morning, i'm mayor mayor. -- vinita nair.o >> i'm jeremy hubbard. two months after his death we finally have an ans wer to what
3:32 am
killed michael jackson. alex stone is covering the investigation in los angeles. alex. >> good morning. we've known for a while that dr. conrad murray has been at the center of the investigation into jackson's death but today the probe is taking a big leap forward. after months of incf1 o ssociated press, a cf1 o told in he said he had been treating the star for insomnia about six weeks before his death. murray said he'd been him with 50 milligrams of propofol. he feared his client was forming an addiction so he attempted to wean him off the drugs. murray says at that time he left jackson so he could make phone calls. when he returned, his client was not breathing. >> walking out of the room after administering a combination of medication such as this is completely unacceptable and absolutely dangerous. >> the finding of homicide makes
3:33 am
it more likely charges will be filed against dr. murray. a spokesman says much of what's in the documents is police theory. police many of those details. reversed course and will now conduct a criminal probe into the cia's treatment of terror suspects since 9/11. the decision follows the release of the cia's own report kept secret by the bush administration for five years that found unauthorized and inhumane practices by cia interrogators. even some inside the agency feared they had gone too far. >> a program has to have rules. you can't have people freelancing. >> it shows an agency entirely out of control. unfortunately it was out of control by design. >> the white house will also
3:34 am
create a new unit to conduct interrogations under the direction of the fbi. it will adhere to the army field manual, which outlines strict rules. >> a white house science panel is urging drug companies to speed up production of the swine flu vaccine. >> the group predicts up to 40% of the population will be infected by that virus posing a serious health risk to the nation. viviana hurtado has more. >> reporter: officials say this is a wake-up call for communities that still haven't prepared for what could be one of the most dangerous flu seasons. a report by a presidential panel of the nation's top scientist scenario. up to half of americans get the virus, two million are hospitalized, 90,000 die, mainly children and young adults. accurately predict about what's going to happen next is we need to expect the unpredictable.
3:35 am
>> one thing that could ease fears and contain the virus is a vaccine. but it not expected to be delivered until mid october, which could be when it's at its peak. the vaccine is still being tested, which has some public health experts uneasy. >> trying to rush in with an unknown -- with an untested quantity of vaccine doesn't appeal to me at all. >> reporter: beginning next week the number of new cases of the virus is expect expected to multiply. that's due in part to the start of the academic year. schools are petri dishes for infections, including the swine flu. in texas, officials closed school last week for more it and -- than a week. students are now bringing hand sanitizer to class. there's a new lesson. >> get soap and water in between those fingers. >> reporter: a lesson that this year may be the most critical. figureses say it's important
3:36 am
parents make arrangements for i becomes infected. officials are emphasizing good hygiene at home as well as will continue to allow independence at the nation's central bank. >> a huge multi-national firefighting effort may have helped control fierce claims -- flames spreading around athens, greece for days. but more than a thousand firefighters remain on guard in case they flair up again. simon mcgregor woods reports. >> reporter: firefighters planes and helicopters fought nonstop. flames have consumed dozens of
3:37 am
homes and destroyed nearly 30,000 acres of woods and olive groves. strong winds have helped the fire spread. the fire destroyed our home, he said. what can i say? we just surrendered. this fire raged just a few miles from athens. these church bells rang out in warning for residents to flee. thousands did but some stayed it fight for their homes. >> we've just come across this small fire in a heavily wooded valley. everything around me is tinder box dry. it took just a few seconds for the fire to take hold. the planes soon came and this battle was won. exhausted ground crews move in to finish the job. when did you last sleep? a glimmer of hope as the gaelforce winds started to drop, a chance for the firefighters to turn the tide. but up the coast planes keep reloading with fresh sea water returning to douse smoking hillsides. simon mcgregor wood, abc news on
3:38 am
the outskirts of athens. >> nasa has been forced to postpone this morning's launch of the space shuttle discovery because of bad weather. thunderstorms popped up around cape canaveral just before the scheduled launch time. discovery was set to carry about 17,000 pounds of gear to the international space station, including a treadmill ash very expensive treadmill. nasa will try again about the same time tomorrow. >> that's the $5 million steven colbert treadmill. >> here is a look tuesday forecast, speaking of weather. >> showers from florida to south carolina. sh scattered showers in seattle and portland. >> warm and sunny for much of the east coast today. high 80s from new york to atlanta. 75 in fargo, 83 for salt lake city, 89 in sacramento and 10 in -- 103 in phoenix.
3:39 am
>> this morning we have some hard core proof there are still honest people in the world, even in these tough economic times. >> a customer at a north carolina burger king forgot her wallet in the rest room. it had more than $ 600 in it. another woman found the wallet, turned it into a worker, didn't even take any money, not a dime. >> the customer was shocked. but the manager wasn't surprised. she said a lot of people do the right thing. i'm surprised she went back to claim it. i would have thought it would have been gone. >> that could buy a lot of whoppers. ♪ honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue ♪ honesty is hardly ever heard
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>> that is a group of emergency workers trying to free a 3-year-old girl.
3:43 am
her arm had gotten stuck in a swimming pool suction pipe. the workers were able to free her. she was brough the h >> that is a group of emergency workers trying to free a 3-year-old girl. her arm had gotten stuck in a the workers were able to free her. she was brought to the hospital a little shaken up but in good condition. part of her arm still in the broken pipe. >> she's very lucky that arm made it. poor little girl. >> awful. >> so sad. switching gears, anyone who watches tv sees plenty of celebrity commercials. oprah winfrey is turning a bright spotlight on them. >> she's suing dozens of companies she claims have no right to use her name. the government is fighting to make sure when a familiar face backs a product, they are actually using it. >> reporter: they're everywhere you look, celebrities pushing products. since advertising's infancy, the
3:44 am
star treatment has been a sure fire way to sell, which is why when oprah and dr. oz talked about acai berries on her program, the companies that sell the berry jumped on it with ads with oprah's and the doctor's name used in them. the problem is neither oprah nor dr. oz endorsed them. >> this isn't truth in advertising. >> reporter: oprah and dr. oz are suing 40 companies for using >> hopefully these companies will think twice about exploiting celebrities and cheating people. >> reporter: with celebrities ads saturating the airwaves and now the internet, the federal trade commission is trying to clear the confusion. if a star appears in an ad saying they're using a product
3:45 am
sally field's rep told us she does use boniva. and take this ad for kelly ripa and electrolux. she's used electrolux since her family bought one 30 years ago. the f.t.c. filed a suit in 2000 against steve garvey. and a so-calle the company that made the product settles for millions out of court. now with these ads on tv and the >> with the internet, with particularly with all the ads on
3:46 am
the internet now and on blogs. the f.t.c. says th ey hope to have new rules in place by the you have to admit you'd be hard pressed to find something who didn't say seeing oprah's name on something didn't immediately
3:47 am
3:48 am
>> pdent obama hit the links >> president obama hit the links for a round of golf on martha's vineyard during the fill >> president obama hit the links for a round of golf on martha's vineyard during the first full day of his vacation. we're told mr. obama also got in a workout yesterday and a game of tennis with the first lady. >> while he played golf, mr. obama says his daughters went swimming. they stressed the obamas are on private vacation, very little is actually planned. announcement >> the first dog bo is on martha's vineyard with the obamas. that brings us to our next story -- pets.
3:49 am
>> americans spend $45 billion a year on pets and the spending seems recession proof, even at events that have come to be eric horng reports. raise your hand if you remember tupperware party, the shop from home, try it before you buy it your child or husband by your pet's name? oops! >> reporter: marie is this evening's top dog. part woman, part pet therapist. >> why don't we pamper one of our pooches really quick. a sort of mary kay lady for mary when you can go down the street? >> it's not as fun. >> reporter: when her husband's job became a question mark, she began selling pet supplies to
3:50 am
supplement their income. she noticed some dogs couldn't wait to get to the party. >> that extra cash could man the difference between paying an electric bill or gas bill or something like at that. >> reporter: in this economy why can't your dog tighten his leash like we're having to tighten our belt? >> why should he? he's the one that makes us happy. the day. it's worth it. >> reporter: the products, which cater to more than just dog owners, are made by a health and beauty products. there's canine sunscreen, doggy donuts, lassie floor mats. > > and just spritz the pet down.
3:51 am
>> reporter: even aroma therapy. >> he smells good and he looks good, too. let's pass the pooch. about an hour and few left empty handed. >> we bought white shampoo to get him even whiter. >> reporter: lori bought breath mints for her dog. i think you need two. in all she racked up $400 in sales. a way to make extra cash in this dog of an economy. >> i think the pets had a good time. those doggy mints. jake could use one. >> he's hypoallergenic so he doesn't stink, does he? >> he doesn't stink, he doesn't shed. >> i feel like we're the leading station for -- is he a wheaton terrier? >> a soft-coated wheaton terrier. i do have some of that spray
3:52 am
that makes them smell better. it really works. >> have you not purchased mints? eric brings up a good point, even during a recession, you're not going to scrimp on your dog. it's a member of the family. you have to treat them. >> i wouldn't know.
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in patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide ma occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions... contact your doctor mmediately. wake up ready for your day-- ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. >> finally this half hour, where it all began. in this case it is our national obsession with the automobile. >> it all started in detroit with ford's remarkable model t. earlier this summer i took a tour of the place where they
3:56 am
were first made. >> see that, it started right up. >> reporter: no cash for clunker program could convince dennis to turn in this-year-old car. do you great lot of looks when you're driving this thing is it >> yeah, the people in detroit, they love these cars. they know it changed the world for detroit. >> reporter: his old vehicle is right at home here in what has started a revolution, the car that put the entire world on wheels. >> the model t ford was envisioned here, conceived, designed and produced here. >> reporter: the first of 15 million model ts were built here in detroit. charles hyde is a college professor and automotive
3:57 am
historian who says more it and a hundred years later, we can still learn a lot from the model >> mr. ford had a vision. he was a risk taker and an entrepreneur and really went >> reporter: ford's success, he says, was all about focus. for years this was the only car he made. it was dependable and affordable. >> i think the u.s. auto industry has lost much of that in the last 30, 40 years. themselves in now. >> reporter: detroit's big three got fat, hyde says, too many layers of management, too many brands, not enough focus. >> the industry became too big and too slow to react. >> reporter: how fast can these bad boys get to going? >> 48, 45. >> reporter: now they're getting back to basics, just like henry ford did right in this building. preservationists are hard at
3:58 am
work. it looked when henry ford was hard at work here, inventing a vehicle that dennis and a later there's still a hundred thousand of those cars on the road. >> how was the ride? did it shake? >> a little bumpy. they have a following. >> did you turn the crank?
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> terror tactics. a special >> terror tactics. a special prosecutor will investigate secret interrogations of terror suspects. >> then deadly seas. coast guard crews battling hurricane bill as dangerous surf. talk about story of survival. >> i'm just surprised that two people did survive. >> and disturbing details about michael jackson's final hours. why it could be homicide. it's tuesday, august 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> certainly to hear the laundry
4:01 am
list of drugs in michael jackson's system, it is disturbing and frightening. >> and hard to believe it's been two months since his deaths and we're just finally getting those answers. >> good morning, i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. he said he didn't want to do it but president obama has launched a criminal probe into the cia's interr ogation of terro r suspects. >> the justice department has appointed a special prosecutor. chief investigative correspondent brian ross has the story. >> reporter: the hundreds of pages made public at the justice department reveal a laundry list of interrogation techniques that even some inside the cia feared
4:02 am
at the time had gone too far. >> a disciplined program has to have rules. you can't have people freelancing. >> reporter: in an attempt to break one of the men who attacked the u.s.s. cole, the cia put a handgun and running hand drill next to the bid of this man. >> it shows an agency entirely out of control and unfortunately it was out of control by design. >> reporter: in another case the report says cia interrogators staged a mock execution, firing off a gun and pose as a detainee who had been shot to death. >> we now have a document that detail that the united states violated its own beliefs and turned to the dark side when it didn't have to. >> reporter: the report also says the extensive use of the waterboarding technique was well known and fully approved by then
4:03 am
attorney general john ashcroft. informed the waterboarding had been used 119 times on a single individual. in congressional testimony last year, ashcroft said waterboarding was rarely used. >> my understanding it has been done three times. >> reporter: the cia has long since suspended the harshest techniques. cia director leon panetta says this agency makes no excuses for behavior, however rare, that went beyond the guidelines of counterterrorism. the white house took the cia out of the al qaeda interrogation that will report to the fbi. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> most economists are applauding president obama's decision to reappoint ben bernanke as chairman of the federal reserve. they credit bernanke to taking aggressive action to avert an economic catastrophe during the financial meltdown. >> the cash for clunker program
4:04 am
has come and gone but has left a mountain of paperwork behind. the government's computer system just couldn't keep up, so dealers will have a little more time to submit their sales. >> reporter: cash federal reserve clunkers expired at 8:00 but dealers have until noon today to file paperwork to get reimbursed. >> i can tell it's actually it was this morning. >> reporter: with the red tape so time consuming, many dealers only accepted trade-ins until last night. >> it takes over a half hour to process every deal. it's very time consuming. we're just waiting for our money. >> reporter: well more than half a million cars have been sold. >> i think it's a great program, getting some of these old clunker cars off the road. it would be great to get better gas mileage to save the environment. >> reporter: but cash for
4:05 am
some for the amount of money is spent, $3 billion total. not all analysts are convinced decline of car sales immediately after the program. that's not good for the industry and from a consumer perspective, prices have shot up and the inventories are very lean. >> next up could be a clunkers program for your old refrigerator, washer or drier, included in a second possible consumers a break if they brought certain late-model, efficient appliances. >> in greece a multi-national airborne assault and break from the wind appear to have given firefighters the upper hand. 19 water dropping planes from largest fire just outside
4:06 am
athens. this morning more than 1,000 firefighters and soldiers remain the extraordinary rescue effort off of the coast of maine. thousands gathered sunday at the thunder hole to watch the powerful surf churned up by hurricane bill. that's when a tremendous and deadly wave struck. here's john berman. >> reporter: it was just before noon with swells topping 15 feet. one crashed on a crowd of people at this popular site seeing spot. 11:58 a.m., emergency call comes into the coast guard. 12:10 their rescue vessel is under way, racing again the clock. with water temperatures at 55 degrees, hypothermia and unconsciousness can set in within an hour. 12:30 rescuers reach the scene, approaching two people with broken limbs treading water. they pull a 12-year-old girl alive from the water.
4:07 am
shortly after, a man, peter axelrod was saved. >> i'm just surprised two people did survive. >> but sadly 7-year-old cleo axelrod did not. her body pulled from the water after 3:30 p.m., a mile from shore. i took a ride on the 47-foot coast guard motor life boat that led the rescue. in a boat like this you're getting right up next to them, >> oh, yes. >> reporter: but the hard part is pulling in the heavy, panicked victim. how hard would it be to do your there's no way to chain for people who have been hypothermic, unconscious or maybe deceased. >> reporter: park rangers said they tried to warn people to keep clear of the water. the two people pulled from the water are recovering from the
4:08 am
hospital, lucky to be alive. john berman, abc news, southwest harbor, maine. >> this morning's launch of the space shuttle discovery has been postponed. they were supposed to carry supplies, equipment and experiments to the international space station but then thunderstorms moved in just before launch time. nasa will try again early tomorrow morning. >> here's a look at your weather today. thunderstorms in florida extend to georgia and south carolina. showers, thunderstorms and severe weather in parts of the southern rockies, plains and midwest. scattered showers in the pacific northwest. >> seattle only gets up to 68, portland 72, it's 91 in boise, 84 in albuquerque, 85 in chicago and indianapolis, 87 for detroit. boston hits 80, new york 87 and baltimore 88. >> as american lose their homes at alarming rates, some unlikely scavengers are having a field day. >> a suburban village in south florida is using algae eating fish to spruce up abandoned properties.
4:09 am
they feast on growing out of control in swimming pools with standing water. about $7,000 a year. >> but letting nature take its course with fish can be just as effective for the bargain price of 700. >> i wonder if they clean up the water and make it look better? >> hopefully. it can't look any worse than that. ♪
4:10 am
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>> welcome back to "world news now." two months ago today michael jackson died and now we have more information about his death than of before. >> according to investigators, jackson was given a series of drug supposedly to help him fall asleep. so many drugs were involved that it killed him. mike von fremd reports from los angeles. >> reporter: today court documents filed by police in houston seeking to raid the home office and storage facility of jackson's personal physician dr.
4:13 am
conrad murray were released. after weeks of leaks and speculation, for the first time we know the details of what police and the coroner believe happened in those fateful last 24 hours of jackson's life. a police affidavit says dr. conrad murray told los angeles detectives he had been treating jackson for six weeks for insomnia, a giving him 50 milligrams of propofol every night there an iv to help jackson sleep. dr. murray told investigators he feared jackson was getting addicted so he reduced the dosage to 25 milligrams just two days prior to jackson's death. >> you don't use propofol to wean somebody. propofol literally is just simply used to put someone to sleep. if you give too much, it can be lethal and can you have exactly what happened here. >> reporter: the papers say dr. murray gave jackson valium at
4:14 am
1:30 a.m. and murray said the valium did not work so he gave the singer an iv injection of lorazepam, an antianxiety drug about a half an hour later. >> in the case of lorazepam, though it's in the blood for a short time, its effect can actually persist. and that persisting when putting another drug on top of it is where you have a greater potential for disaster. murray reportedly told police jackson was still awake, so he then gave him a sedative, at 7:30, he was still awake so
4:15 am
he injected another midazolam. murray gave jackson more drugs. he said at 10:40 a.m. he administered 25 milligrams of propofol. dr. murray told investigators jackson repeatedly demanded the drug. left jackson's side to go to the rest room and relieve himself. murray stated he was out of the room for about two minutes maximum. upon his return, murray noticed that jackson was no longer breathing. >> walking out of the room after administering a combination of medications such as this is completely unacceptable and absolutely dangerous. >> reporter: murray began immediately single man cpr and at some point dr. murray said he asked some of jackson's staff to send up prince jackson, the eldest son. then murray continued performing cpr. the affidavit claims dr. murray estimated he noticed that jackson was not breathing at around 11 a.m. although today
4:16 am
murray's attorney denied this account. if it was 11 a.m. that jackson stopped breathing, that is significant because murray's cellular telephone records show he was on the cell phone for minutes with three separate calls, from 11:18 to 12:05. the 911 call did not come until 12:2 p.m. murray does not appear to have mentioned this to interviewing detectives. jackson's son prince alerted security who went to the aid and called 911. medics were unable to revive jackson. he was pronounced dead at ucla medical center at 2:26 p.m. murray refused to sign the death certificate. dr. murray told investigators other doctors had administered propofol to jackson, including las vegas doctor david adams. dr. murray says he was at a
4:17 am
cosmotologist's office where dr. adams gave jackson propofol. investigators fond eight bottles after he died but they do not know where it was purchased. it may be some time before dr. mike von fremd, abc news, los angeles. >> it certainly seems almost inevitable this these criminal charges are coming. if jackson stopped breathing at 11, why did the 911 call not happen for an hour and 20 minutes later? >> then three separate phone calls for 47 minutes, very peculiar.
4:18 am
4:19 am
>> mexico has now legalized drug possession. mexico legalized drug possession. hmm. ola seniorita winehouse. i'm just happy the taco bell chihuahua did not live long enough to see this. the poor dog died of a ruptured chalupa. ♪ skinny, so skinny >> that's the kind of humor that is making "nightline" --
4:20 am
>> we do that so we seem funnier by comparison. okay, this first story, apparently you can get banned from the "view" twice and still be invited to be a guest host. as surprising as it sound, they have invited kathy griffin to come back yet again. she will be hosting "the view" on september 18th. she's promoting her new memoir. if you watch her show on bravo, she is vicious when it comes to talking about barbara walters. she recounts in details the day after the whole rosie o'donelle, hasselbeck fight. she's hilarious. she'll be there september 18th. they're naming other people who will be filling in. victoria beckham is slated to fill in. and la toya jackson will be guest co-hosting on september 16th and 18th. so set the tivo if you're interested. >> i'm sure a lot of people will tune in to that one. >> hey, the famous editor for vogue, the inspiration for "the devil wears prada" was on letterman hours ago and gave dave a little bit of fashion advice.
4:21 am
>> us old guys reading vogue, probably not what you're looking for, right? >> i see that you have some very interesting socks on. >> sure. take a look at those, honey. >> not exactly fashionable. he calls himself a fashion dope. and he was taken to task by letterman for snarky attitude. she's the inspiration for a new documentary coming out called "the september issue," which is about the biggest issue in vogue's history. >> it's all about how it is put together? >> yes. >> i'm going to get that one.
4:22 am
>> i think david letterman's hot. don't judge me. stop. >> i know you think jessica biel is hot. did you know she's also dangerous? >> i didn't. >> you know that security company macaffe? they do an annual list of who is the most dangerous celebrity online. she tops the list after her beyonce, jennifer aniston, tom brady and jessica simpson. so don't search for them. search for us.
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>> here are some stories to watch today on abc news: >> here are some stories to watch today on abc news: ben bernanke is nominated by president obama for another term as federal reserve chairman later today. he must win senate approval, which is not expected to be an issue. >> new federal deficit projections for the next decade are released by the white house and congress. a $2 trillion increase to $9 trillion is anticipated. >> and the first official results from the presidential election in afghanistan are released. those early results could
4:26 am
represent just 10% of the vote. >> finally this half hour, breaking down what martin luther king, jr. called the most segregated hour in america, that when millions are worshipping. >> two churches this louisville, kentucky, are challenging that, one black, one white. >> here's eric horng. >> reporter: they gathered under one roof, two southern baptist congregations taking a leap of faith. did you ever think you'd see a day like this? >> no, not really. >> reporter: until recently, whites in this church, blacks in this other church, seven miles away. but when the recession hit, the pastors said the merger made sense and not just economically. the white church needed young are members, the black church a larger space. both found the answer in the bible's message of inclusion. >> there's no point of preaching the word if you aren't going to live the word. >> reporter: in an age when integrated schools are the rule, integrated churches are still the rare exception.
4:27 am
only 5% nationwide are it may be a matter of style. the black church historically has been more celebratory, the white church more stoic. >> in church we lay ourselves bareelves open, we come to eat together and it's in those intimate spaces that our racial stereotypes get exposed in ways that we don't always even know. >> reporter: blending vastly different church cultures won't be easy, especially for a denomination, southern baptist, whose racial divide has its roots in slavery. at service not everyone seemed comfortable. about 20% of the church's original members have gone elsewhere. if you been somewhere all your life, it's different. >> if they don't understand where i'm coming from when i say that church is history. >> reporter: but most here seem to embrace their new church, one that's practicing what many only preach. eric horng, abc news, louisville, kentucky. >> seems to be working. >> i'm sure a lot of people think that's overdue as well. >> that's the news this half hour.
4:28 am
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